Property Management and Billing Services by Modern Management Solutions

Modern Management Solutions is made up of a team of industry professionals with over 30 years experience with property management. Development grew over the years as Property Owners searched for help to stay on top of the market.

Unlike most management and billing companies, we use a team of experts in the fields of accounting, wastewater, potable water, software, and management. Our goal is to help you to better manage your own properties.

The whole team reviews each account every 3 months to identify any areas, such as delinquencies, violations, or possible problems with utilities, which may need more attention. This process is then presented to you with our recommendations. We can let you know what has worked for others and what has not. Introduce new ways of raising revenues along with simple cost effective ways to please your tenants. Best of all, costs are reflected in your tenants minimum billing.


The Affordable Solution for All Your Management Needs - Utilizing the #1 Property Management Software






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